Our Vision

To create a full line of physical, paper Greeting Cards from a man’s perspective, that women can enjoy from an honest standpoint.


It is no secret that women use more words in a given day than men. This is the reason that most greeting cards also use 100 words to say something as simple as “I Love You”. Malemark has been breaking that mold since 2008. While many of our cards are “tongue in cheek” and sometimes crass humor, or ‘sideways apologies’, they are in no way meant to be ACTUAL apologies. Our cards are meant to open the door to communication between two people who may be having a misunderstanding. So please enjoy the humor, and spend more time talking about the issue at hand, and less about the funny cards.

Our Greeting Card Lines:

A Man’s Perspective

Men are not that complicated. We sleep, we eat, we work, we scratch, we yell at referees and teams who try to beat our favorite team, we like to look at beautiful women (and some that are not so beautiful), we like to beat our chest when we do well, and retreat to our mancaves when we do not. We have a complete understanding that the women in our lives like flowers and poems on cards, and we also understand that….most of the time…we don’t understand the complete sentiment on the cards we give. It’s the nature of the caveman. So a few of us cavemen got together to create MALEMARK GREETING CARDS. We write greeting cards from a Man’s Perspective. Cards like…I’m sorry for being a jerk. It may not be the politically correct perspective…but it’s a man’s perspective.


We work hard to be funny…and we believe Malemark Greeting Cards are just that…FUNNY! You however, may have a very different opinion, and that’s okay with us. Our cards are not written from “EVERY MAN’S” perspective, but they are written from the male perspective of our writers, our surveys, and suggestion we get from our social network followers on Facebook and Twitter. So if you find a card that is offensive to you…”We are Sorry for being a Jerk” in your mind. But try to understand that humor comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors…and ours…is just a little orange (not sure what that actually means). So welcome to the Malemark team…and please share our cards and site with your friends, family, and co-workers.


We completely understand that, not all of our apologetic cards, are meant to be serious in nature. Many are straight forward and to the point, such as “I’m sorry for being a jerk”, while others, are meant to be sideways apologies, bringing light to the dance that goes on in an interpersonal communication relationship, such as the one between a man and a woman. So ladies…try and have an open mind and a big sense of humor realizing that some of our cards are simply meant to re-open the lines of communication that may be down due to an unforeseen “incident”. And guys…know who you are giving the card to BEFORE you try to be cute…take responsibility for your actions first…then try to mend the relationship by…”talking”.